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  • Amy L. Boyd

When You Find Motivation in the Sustainer

Linking up with Five Minute Friday today! Five minutes of uninterrupted editing. No overthinking. Just write! Today's word is: MOTIVATE

The last time I was motivated to do something that wasn't my idea was probably back in February of 2011. The Packers had just won the Superbowl. The King Aaron Rodgers reigned over Green Bay and my then-husband wanted nothing more than to return to the place where he grew up to celebrate the most glorious of victories.

Little did I know that this celebration at Lambeau Field (read about it here) would take place in frigid, sub-zeo temperatures (much like today) and would require the sort of layers worn by the little brother from A Christmas Story. It was a Tuesday, so I had to write substitute teacher plans to cover my first grade class, buy snow pants, find long underwear, and get up early on a very rare day off to drive the 2.5 hours up to Lambeau. This was important to him. I had no idea that in just two months he would be gone forever.

With chattering teeth and a frozen rear, we waited for hours and hours in the bleachers. I feared my backside was frozen to the bench and often stuck my hands underneath to see, but couldn't feel anything with my numb hands and huge gloves. The energy in the stadium was electric and the die-hard fans had wide smiles (most likely beer-induced) on their faces ALL. DAY. LONG.

We waited for the moment that finally arrived six hours later...the players ran out on the field to the thunderous applause of those who waited fourteen years for this moment. Passionately watching every game rain or shine, cold or ice, frigid, or humid. They were loyal to the core and wearing cheese on their heads to prove it.

I felt like part of the team. Motivated by a desire to see my then-husband's face light up like Christmas morning, I belonged to the Packer nation for those brief moments.


What motivated Jesus to do the tough work of his earthy ministry? A love for His people? A desire to see their recognition of His identity and love?

In John 4, Jesus has just spoken to the woman at the well. He has revealed His true identity to her as the disciples are returning to His side. They say nothing about His encounter with the Samaritan, but immediately press Jesus to eat something.

John 4:32-34- But he said to them, "I have food to eat that you do not know about." So the disciples said to one another, "Has anyone brought him something to eat? Jesus said to them, "My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work."

The food that will truly satisfy our hearts is that which allows us to accomplish the work that God has for us.

Regardless of the depth of our hunger, He satisfies us with His good food in our time of need. We have only to press on into the work He has prepared us for.

To serve others. To love them well. To see for ourselves what work is set before us each day that will sustain another and give them true hope, joy, and peace while creating in us a sense of ownership over our little place in this world. Our designed role determined.

If that doesn't motivate us each day, I don't know what will! Serving our God with every ounce of our soul is what will restore and fill in those deep cracks left behind when heartbreak comes. When those things we once worked for are stripped away and we are left with the Sustainer and His feast- won't we be motivated to do the will of Him that sent us?


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