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Meet Amy


I’m a Christ-follower, a writer, a teacher, and a music enthusiast who happens to hold a master’s degree in Language and Literacy (aka Reading). I love hot and fragrant chai-tea lattes and chocolate chip scones, walking the beach at Lake Huron, and catching a good movie. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, downtown Madison, Wisconsin and rolling hills full of tall corn also became close to my heart at age 31 as I found myself alone after nine years of marriage.

In 2011 my youth-pastoring, Bible college-graduating husband announced he was leaving and I was plunged into a sea of uncertainty which ultimately ended in a completely devastating, debilitating, and unstoppable unwanted divorce. Suffering from a lack of identity sans ‘wife’, I embarked on a new journey to understand my identity in Christ. A quest to figure out His purposes and His desires resulted in a new season of  life. Uncertainty turned to certainty. Fear turned to faith. Doubt to trust.

Satan continues to feed me lies every single day. Not good enough. Rejected. Damaged. Worthless. Not marriage material. Alone. Without purpose.


The Holy Spirit intervenes and reminds me every single day that my identity in Christ is REALITY. Accepted. Worthy. Beloved. Continually present with Christ. Set aside. An ambassador. Meditating and trusting in these truths has allowed God to bind up my broken heart. Scars remain and always will. Being separated from someone that God has joined together cannot ever truly be severed, but over time God revives me. Piece by piece I  find my true  identity in Christ. Through pursuit of my Savior day by day- hour by hour-minute by lengthy minute,  His healing Word, His soothing love, His clear promises and faithfulness provide solace for my weary soul. A purpose for this unending wilderness. A heart reviving. Renewing. Growing. Changing. More like Him. For His glory. Forever grateful.

These days Amy enjoys writing, jamming to music, reading, cooking, enjoying family, and spending time with so many amazing, faithful women that God has brought alongside her as sisters in Christ.

 amy's favorites

  • The smell of summer barbeques

  • The evening sunshine

  • Being out on the lake

  • Chai tea lattes

  • Bread and olive oil

  • Pasta- lots and lots of pasta!

  • Downtown walks

  • Lobster fishing!



  • Flying Solo  Denise Hildreth-Jones

  • You’re Amazing Already  Holley Gerth

  • Anne of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery

  • Sarah’s Key  Tatiana de Rosnay

  • The Invisible Girls  Sarah Thebarge

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