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  • Amy L. Boyd

'Twas the Night Before Voting...

Like many Americans, I've vehemently avoided politics since 1980- the year of my birth. Alex P. Keaton (and also Marty McFly) inspired me to become a fan of Ronald Reagan, while in my older years churches attempted to instruct me regarding the "correct" candidates and the "right" choices come voting day. Slanderous allegations and negatively driven campaigns, from both parties, have caused me to tune out and avoid the political landscape like a disease I must protect myself from contracting.

Having said all of that, don't get too worried...I DO plan to vote tomorrow! But tonight I think of the leaders God allowed to reign in Biblical times. While many men and women were used to accomplish His ultimate purposes, many of the most notorious leaders in the Bible were much more appalling than those of the present, and yet somehow God's will is accomplished in Every. Single. Scenario.

Exodus 1: Pharaoh Israel is deemed a threat, and Pharaoh begins to "deal shrewdly with them". Meaning= let's get control over these people quickly before we are outnumbered and they try to defeat us. Miraculously under this terrible leadership, God's people multiply regardless of Pharaoh's harsh treatment. Ultimately Pharaoh enslaves God's people, all the while falling right into God's plan for an "exodus" of mass proportions. Under Pharaoh's leadership God's people are exiled and sentenced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years.

Without the depiction of God's people wandering- seemingly without purpose- but with more purpose than any people EVER BEFORE, I'm not quite sure how I would relate to the Bible in the deeper ways that God has worked in my heart. God shows us His absolute provision and care for His own through unbelievable circumstances. Pharaoh's rule caused people to depend on God. To trust Him. To understand that our authority is not in earthly leaders, but in the only Sovereign One. The one whom Moses must tell the people is the "I AM". (Exodus 3:14)

Matthew 2: King Herod

Not much worse in the world than killing defenseless babies in an effort to wipe out the Messiah...and yet God allows King Herod to rule during the time of Jesus' birth. He protects baby Jesus through a series of dreams in which He guides the wise men, Mary and Joseph and (after Herod's death) instructs them to return to Nazareth to fulfill God's earlier prophesy. Herod's leadership and his son's (Herod Antipas- who conspires to execute Jesus years later) leave much to be desired, and yet God accomplishes His perfect plans yet again. Grace abounds and God is good in spite of leaders who do not fear Him.

On this election-eve I am confident that God can, and will continue to accomplish His plans regardless of the leaders we put in place. Of course we will vote. Of course we will pray. Of course we will accept whatever happens tomorrow. We will continue to live our daily lives with character and with hope in our true Leader, while respecting whatever Earthly leaders are placed above us. We will exercise our right to vote and to contribute positively to our society knowing all the while that God's plans triumph and work, and bless and guide us each day.

I'm still not really into politics. But I am really serious about proactive and responsible citizenship. Strength and support for our great United States.

Vote tomorrow. Not because you trust the candidates, but because people have fought and bled to give Americans the right to choose. God promotes active participation in the legal system and in our communities. Vote. But remember who works among us, and through us. He is still reigning; protecting us and teaching us every step of the way. Our Commander in Chief isn't going anywhere.

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