The Price of Thanksgiving

"Don't seek to be contented with your efforts or to be assured within that all is well, balance yourself on the tremulous outer edge of hope, over the abyss, trembling sometimes, but self-surrendered to God's loving care." From the Letters of Rev.Mother Janet Stuart I was once chased by a psychotic turkey at the zoo. As a tiny five-year-old, it was pretty traumatizing for me to have a huge, ugly bird pursue me down the sidewalk at a breakneck pace. I thought I could save myself. I thought I could run fast enough to evade him, but to no avail. I screamed and jumped up into my dad's strong arms for refuge. I was disappointed in myself for succumbing to the fear, for retreating when I wanted to

'Twas the Night Before Voting...

Like many Americans, I've vehemently avoided politics since 1980- the year of my birth. Alex P. Keaton (and also Marty McFly) inspired me to become a fan of Ronald Reagan, while in my older years churches attempted to instruct me regarding the "correct" candidates and the "right" choices come voting day. Slanderous allegations and negatively driven campaigns, from both parties, have caused me to tune out and avoid the political landscape like a disease I must protect myself from contracting. Having said all of that, don't get too worried...I DO plan to vote tomorrow! But tonight I think of the leaders God allowed to reign in Biblical times. While many men and women were used to accomplish Hi