Miracles Really Do Happen Every Day

The line was long. Much longer than I had anticipated when I stepped up to the end, clutching one little jean shirt with cute little ruffles. A seven dollar shirt. A really cute seven dollar shirt. Did I need this shirt? Nope. Did I want this shirt? Yes. But how much did I want it? Enough to wait in this meandering and rowdy Old Navy line? I waited. And waited. And waited. And finally the front grew near. The cheery salesgirl took my one shirt and exclaimed, "You're getting out of here with just one shirt?" She glanced at the tag and said, "One seven dollar shirt?!" "Miracles happen," I retorted. It was certainly a miracle that I had landed in the line with only one item. She smiled and put

3 Things to Remember When God Doesn't Take Away Your Pain

I stared up at the ceiling in the early hours of December 13, 2011. It was 3 AM and I had yet to sleep. My fluffy little dog snored away by my side; oblivious to the turmoil and tears overflowing from my saddened soul. I couldn't even laugh as I felt her tiny paws running against my leg as she happily chased squirrels in her dreams. Now was the time for sorrow. Now was the time for grief. For many months I prayed that God would restore my marriage. Every day for nine months I pleaded with God to intervene. To miraculously change my husband's heart. To heal the wounds in his heart that I had somehow caused and bring him back to me. I know God and I were on the same page. God is a marriage sup