When God Blows Up Your Too Small Agenda

I've always lived in the future. Soon I'll be able to read like all of the big kids. Soon I'll be able to drive and get a job. Soon I'll go away to college and be a teacher. Any day now I'll be married. Have a baby. I'll finally be happy when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out... For 31 years I projected away my life. Fixated on days which had not yet happened, living for the moment when my flawless plans would be complete. Until the day came (completely without my permission) when I was forced to contemplate Proverbs 27:1: Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. Ominous words Lord, ominous words. On a chilly April evening in 2011 as we drove home from a weeke

The Love We Really Need Today

Divorcing at the age of 31 causes one to lose a great sense of identity. I'm constantly wondering who I am without him. Who have I been all of my life? Where did I come from? What things have caused me to feel valued? Whole? "Normal"? I can say for certain, that I am no longer the woman who receives flowers at work on Valentine's Day. Deliveries of gorgeous pink, orange or red tulips (my favorite flower) arriving every single year- creating envious colleagues. I am no longer the woman who dresses up for a special dinner or opens a red heart filled with chocolates- only to take one bite of every piece and place the rejects back in the box. These things I took for granted all those years are n

Stolen Safety

Linking up with the wonderful writers at #fiveminutefriday today! The challenge to write for five minutes on the word "safe" means no editing, no belaboring, no over-analyzing, just write!! So here goes... Over the years the things I have clung to for that safe, warm-slippers feeling have been stripped away from me one-by-one. My husband walking next to me or even just sitting across the room brought the care-free me along for an easy-going life. After my divorce, I felt exposed. Unsafe. Unprotected. I literally moved away from that stolen safety to a place I had always felt safe: my childhood home. But in this place my financial safety was snatched through identity theft. Fraudulent account