Rise, Pick Up Your Bed, and Go

I drive to worship in the house of the Lord on a crisp October Sunday. It's time for brown leather boots and leggings under dresses. It's time for crunchy leaves underfoot and yellow, red, and orange confetti twirling to the ground from the windy sky. The sermon comes from Luke 5 and details how Jesus heals a paralytic man. How those four men faithfully carried their crippled friend to be touched by the healing hands of Jesus. How those men never gave up- even in the midst of multiple obstacles. Those men busted through both a massive crowd and the actual roof to lower their friend into the home where Jesus was. Jesus first meets the man's spiritual need and forgives his sin and then shows t

3 Misconceptions About Christianity

The Beginning: September 26, 1992 In middle school I was a terrible flute player. It turns out that God can use a thing like that to bring you to Himself. Kristin was the chair right before me, so we had lots of time to talk. One day she asked me to come with her to a youth activity. “What is it?” I asked. She talked about it like everyone knew what a youth activity was. “We’re riding a bus up north to a farm with lots of games and preaching. It’s called Harvest Fest.” I had never been to a farm before. It was a crisp fall day as we drove up north to a very large open field with an even larger tent set up. The blue and white striped tent reminded me of an old time circus and I wondered what