When You Aren't Sure Who Is Guiding You

Taking a break from the series on our Heavenly Citizenship to participate in Five Minute Friday today! The word to write on for five minutes today is: GUIDE It was our first morning in Athens, Greece. Our bellies were full of chocolate pastries and fresh orange juice. The hot temperatures had not yet reached their peak, as we had arrived early to the Acropolis. Even so, it was quiet hot and the line was longer and slower than we had anticipated. Suddenly a smiling woman approached us and asked if we would like a guided tour? For an extra cost she would take us right out of this hot, stagnant line and the Acropolis would "come alive" for us. This she promised. As we eagerly shelled out our Eu

When You See My Life, Do I Seem Like a Citizen of Heaven?

If you missed the first post in this series about our Heavenly Citizenship, click here to read Part 1. My first year of teaching, a student in my class arrived in January from Russia. The poor kid. We smiled at him a lot. The other kids put their arms around his shoulders. They talked to him as if he understood. When we went to lunch he shook his head violently upon seeing the pepperoni pizza. His grimace seemed to scare the other kids as they had been excitedly telling him all morning that it was pizza day. He pointed instead at the uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Big mistake. I'll never forget how his little lips pressed together into a horrible grimace as he spit the sandwic

Living Out Our Heavenly Citizenship in the Here and Now

After two weeks of soaking in the beautiful beaches, delicious food, and hospitality of Greece, I was ready to go home. I could almost feel the air conditioning. My bed. My pillow. My hair dryer. My car. The comforts I had been lacking on my amazing vacation. Those things I routinely take for granted were on the forefront of my mind as we boarded our 6AM flight from Athens to Amsterdam. Little did I know that upon arrival in Amsterdam we would be subjected to several additional security check points. We were herded into a line with everyone else whose boarding pass directed them to gate D1. AKA the additional security checkpoint for everyone headed to the United States. My heart began to rac