When It's Time to Stop Yearning for "Normal"

"Nobody wakes up thinking, "my world will explode today. My whole world will change." Nobody thinks that. But sometimes it happens." Meredith Grey I sat across from a precocious four-year-old as he licked almond butter from his lips and ran his cucumber slices through a mountain of red pepper hummus. He looked me directly in the eye and abruptly asked, "Did you sleep good? What did you dream about?" Mouth agape, I searched for an answer. The truth is, I haven't dreamt anything memorable in a long time. I swallow a dry lump in my throat, sip my chai tea, and quietly respond, "Well, I don't really remember any of my dreams buddy." His four-year-old face falls a bit, and he accepts my paltry an

When Your Students Call You "Mom": And You Love It

Linking up with#fiveminutefriday today! Five minutes of uninterrupted writing...no editing. No overthinking. Just write! Today's word is: MOM This is my fourteenth year as an elementary school teacher. Let's do some math- even though I'm a reading teacher... 14 years= 2,520 days= 17,640 hours= 1,058,400 minutes That's how much time I've spent with children from the ages of 5-11. All day. Every day. Children pulling repeatedly on my sleeve. Poking me. Stroking my stubbly legs as they sit on the carpet looking up at me innocently. Wiping their noses and touching my books. Sneezing on my face. Puking on my rug (never in my trash can). Crying over nothing. All. Day. Long. But every once in awhil

5 Things You Should Know About My Divorce: Five Minute Friday

Linking up with #fiveminutefriday today! Five minutes of uninterrupted writing...no editing. No overthinking. Just write! Today's word is: SHOULD Often when friends are going through a divorce, we make assumptions based on our own perceptions of those events. That pain. That grief. However, the stigma associated with Christian divorce often influences the way we see our friend. So here are some things I think we should all add to our knowledge base when comforting those who endure this emotional rollercoaster. 1. Not everyone who gets divorced has a history of a terrible, troubled marriage. Some of us are taken completely by surprise. No recourse. No signs. No warning. I thought my marriage