Identity Denial

I once cut my finger pretty deeply with a sharp knife. Amidst the makings for fish tacos, blood spurted from my fingertip making my stomach turn. I thought maybe I would pass out! How had this happened? What did I just do? I wrapped my finger tightly with a tissue hoping to stop the flow. It didn't work. Nothing could stop the pulsing sensation running through my finger. The denial lasted a long time. I put more pressure on it. I iced it. I held it so tightly that I practically cut off the circulation. I was absolutely, positively NOT getting stitches. Nope. No way. Unfortunately this is the easiest way to deal with unacceptable life events. Cover. Ignore. Deny. Doubt its existence. Live in

Identity Challenged

I've always known that I would be a teacher. Ever since first grade when the beautiful Mrs. Shade taught me to become a better reader, and in second grade when Mrs. Munday read aloud to us from Bunnicula, I knew that someday that would be my job. In my first year as a second grade teacher I wondered, what have I done? Will I ever be a good teacher? Why did I choose this profession? Every day I wondered if the parents were thinking what an impostor I was. Gradually over many years I began to build my skill set as a teacher. My confidence grew as I engaged in professional learning communities with amazing veteran teachers and I completed a masters degree of my own. When I became a wife, I had

Things That Sneak Up: Our Identity as Ambassadors

When this summer began I had no idea that I would become a blogger...a serious writer. (Well, aspiring writer!) Someone in pursuit of a new goal. It sort of snuck up on me like old age, or the imminence of a looming school year. Kind of how God leads you so gently that you suddenly realize you're in a new space. Somehow you've made the transition from one season of life to another without even saying good-bye to that last part. Sniff. Sniff. For five years I have been learning to breathe. There was a moment where my life changed irrevocably. I had no control over that moment, just as I have no control over this one. When God moves you on, He does it in a way that you can suddenly accept it.